Just over a week now until I go, and I am going to pack this weekend  

For some time I have been practicing “Travelling Light” While not always sticking to carry on only, I do like to have a small case that is not too heavy..After all, I am the one who has to lug that case around.

There are many options that Google pops up with when you search “Packing Light” I was particularly inspired by this one.. here

The images below are the result. As well as the items shown, I have included a pair of pyjamas and a number of scarves. As I have a mix of short sleeve and long sleeve tops, I will be able to layer up for most weather conditions  It is not going to be too cold for the 3 weeks I am in Europe, so no need for thermal underwear 🙂 

 The long sleeved Black T-Shirt dress will be worn on the plane with black tights and ballet flats, acting as a comfortable nightdress and slippers while still looking “human” in business class.