Today stated with an early wake up to get ready to go. A quick breakfast and Mick drove me to Bill and Joy’s place where my Limo Transfer was to collect me at 9:00.

The Etihad transfer has a 60km radius from Brisbane airport and outside of that there is an added cost. Bill and Joys place is just outside the limit so I had to pay $11.55 🙂

The driver, Ross delivered me to the airport in plenty of time. Checking in and getting through customs is certainly a lot quicker with a business class express pass. I was checked in, through customs and relaxing in the Air New Zealand lounge just before 10:00.

I made myself a plate of deli meat, cheese and crackers and read some magazines until my flight was called

Brisbane to Singapore

Boarding the plane to Singapore was on time and I was soon seated in a very comfy Business Class “capsule seat”

I had no sooner sat down and I was presented with a glass of Champagne, followed closely by a warm face towel. As you can see by the picture, there is plenty of leg room. I actually had to move my seat forward a little to put my feet up comfortably on the foot rest.

Not long after take off the cabin crew took my lunch order.
I chose the Chicken for starters, followed by Lamb and finished of with the cheese platter. A glass of Red with the lamb and more bubbles with the cheese 🙂

I watched a few movies and we landed in Singapore at 9:00pm Brisbane time
A short 40 minute wait in the terminal at Changi and we were off to Abu Dhabi.

Singapore to Abu Dhabi

Champagne was again offered pretty much as soon as I sat down 🙂 this time I declined and just had a cup of tea. Even a simple order of a cup of tea is presented so beautifully, with white or brown sugar and biscuits . I was not really hungry after having eaten so well over the past few hours, so I had just a small serve of fresh fruit.  

I then settled in for a good sleep. Laying the seat back fully flat made for a nice enough bed. I had read on the Internet that some people thought the bed was a bit hard and to ask for a second doona to go underneath you as well as over. It certainly did provide a bit of extra padding.  

I managed a good 5 and a half hours sleep, before waking and having another cup of tea, a couple of TV shows and we were landing in Abu Dhabi at midnight Abu Dhabi time.  

I am posting this entry from the Etihad lounge at the Abu Dhabi airport as I have a 2 hour stopover before the flight to London.

The next entry will be London 🙂