Travelling MoyJos

Where to next?

Who or What is MoyJos?

Welcome to my little corner of “blog-world”
“MoyJos” is my personal blog to house our travel diaries and plans>

Why “MoyJos”?
The name MoyJos is a combination of our surnames. It was first coined many years ago as the descriptor our bank gave to our home loan file.
In the early days of internet forums, I had to come up with a screen name and “moyjos” became my online persona in many places.

Who are we?

Hubby and I are in our mid-fifties. We both grew up in suburban Brisbane Australia before moving to the Sunshine Coast about 15 years ago.
We have both been self-employed for many years, so rarely have a chance to have extended holidays. We tend to get away for long weekends often and have a longer break at Easter and Christmas

I hope you will enjoy reading about our travels and be inspired to have your own adventures.