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Derwent View

Derwent Shores

On many trips to Hobart we have looked at real estate with the eventual plan of retirement.

The Hobart area does not have a lot of flat land (certainly very little with views) so deciding on areas has been interesting.

On one trip I saw an ad for “Derwent Shores” estate on the eastern shore. We went for a drive and saw that although the land was hilly, it was not a steep as many of the other estates we had looked at. The position of the estate means that the views are spectacular. Looking over the Derwent River toward Hobart city itself. We quickly decided that THIS was the place we wanted to be.

On contacting David from Derwent Shores, I was told that there were no blocks available πŸ™ but he would put us on the list for the next stage of development.

FINALLY in February of 2020 I received an email announcing that the Clarence City Council had approved the next subdivision and that the land should be passed through the Titles office later in the year.

Well…COVID πŸ™ as the world ground to a halt in 2020, so did the work on the subdivision. We were unable to go and see the land and it was just a case of waiting.

In December of 2020 the developer was given final approval of the subdivision and we were able to place a contract on a block. While still being unable to travel to Hobart for viewing, we were confident enough in the area to feel comfortable in signing a contract.

The contract was subject to the land passing through the Titles Office, which the developer was told should be a matter of weeks.

Weeks turned into months and the Titles were finally issued in mid October 2021. It had been nearly 11months and by the time we settle in January 2022, this part of the journey has been nearly 2 years coming.

In this section of the blog , I will document the process of our upcoming house build…

Stay Tuned πŸ™‚

First Visit to our Land.

In December 2021, we travelled to Hobart for our Christmas break, and to visit our land for the first time.

You can read about our trip here.

To say we are pleased with our purchase is a HUGE understatement. The view is just perfect. From everywhere on the block we can see clearly across the river from the Tasman Bridge to the north to Kingston to the south.

As we are up high on the hill, we look over the top of the houses below.

The next step is to start working with the designers and get our plans drawn up ready for the builder. Our builder anticipates we should be ready to start midway through 2022 with completion late 2022- early 2023.

Hobart Fly Day – 12th April 2023

We left the hotel early to put the car into the secure parking at the airport. From there it is a short bus trip to the terminal.

We checked our suitcases in and headed for the Virgin Lounge for breakfast. Our flight left slightly late at 9:50 and arrived in Hobart at 1:05. We landed to a drizzly day but not overly cold. We collected out hire car and headed to the Shoreline hotel which will be our home for the next 4 days.

We rang the real estate agent to arrange a viewing of the house for 10:00 tomorrow.

A quick shop at Woolworths and we were happy for a quiet evening watching TV.

Exciting and Frustrating Day – 13th April 2023

Today is an exciting day. We may hear that the sale of the land is unconditional, we are viewing the house we hope to buy and all being well signing a new contract for sale.

We met the agents at the new house at 10:00. The house is as good as we thought it would be. The views are much the same as our original block and the house is actually quite similar to what we were planning on building.

The agents were more than happy to allow us to spend as much time as we wanted. I took lots of photos, measured rooms and marked features on the floor plan. We have already had a building inspection done and were told of a couple of very minor problems that we looked at and are satisfied that they are indeed…minor.

We still had not heard whether or not the land has gone unconditional, so we cannot update the purchase contract quite yet.

We returned to the hotel and made some lunch. Just after lunch we got the frustrating news that the buyer needs a 7 day extension for their bank to complete approval πŸ™

… and so we wait …

The rest of the afternoon we spent looking around at some other properties I had seen online, but none come up nearly as perfect as the one we have decided on.

So for now we just have to wait.

We Did It!!!

Apologies for this post being so long after the last one.
We had a lovely couple of days in Hobart. After looking at the house on Thursday, we spent Friday looking at some other houses I had in my “Saved Properties” on

Nothing came anywhere near the quality of the one we have chosen. We looked at a few that were a lot cheaper than “our” one, but they all needed a fair bit of work, which meant with the added expense, they would be close to what we bought.

On Friday, we went and had a look at the block of land and were surprised to see that NOTHING had been done across the entire stage that we bought in. Obviously, everybody is having the same issues with council, planners and builders in getting anything done. Seeing this certainly made us feel that we have made the right decision.

On Saturday we decided on a “tourist” day and caught the bus to Bellerive and then the ferry to Hobart and wandered around Salamanca Market. The ferry is great and it is good to know it has been a success and looks like it is here to stay. There are plans to expand the service to include a lot more stops up and down the Derwent River.
As we were flying out the next day, we decided on dinner at the hotel. I did a load of washing in the guest laundry ( nothing to do when I got home) and we had a quiet night, packing and watching TV.

Monday morning we checked out, drove the car back to the drop off and were at the airport ready for our 12:30 flight. I was not able to get us seats on a direct flight to Brisbane, so we had to fly Hobart to Melbourne, then a connecting flight from Melbourne to Brisbane.

The airport was VERY busy with 5 flights all departing within 10-15 minutes of each other. It was also drizzly rain, so everything slowed down a bit. We ended up leaving 20 minutes late, but the pilot assured us he should be able to make up some time. I was pleased to hear that as we only had just over an hour between our expected arrival time and the departure of our connecting flight.

We asked the flight steward if he could find out what gate we would arrive at and which gate we were leaving from. Luckily we were only two gates across, so we did not need to rush too much at all.

The Melb-Bris flight was uneventful and we arrived, got the shuttle bus to the car park and set off home. We had a good run and arrived home around 8:00pm.

The next few days were a blur of busy work and waiting for all the contracts to turn unconditional.
Everything is now good to go and we settle on the land on the 24th of May and then the house on the 31st.
Exciting times indeed.

In the next post, you will see lots of photos of the new house πŸ™‚

Our New House – May 2023

This is our new house πŸ™‚ We will rent it out until we are ready to retire and move down. We have a number of photos from the real estate agent. Some were taken when the house was last sold in 2017, some taken for the current sale in 2023 and some we took when we were there.

Below are lots of photos. Hovering over any photo will show its description. Clicking on any image will open them up in full screen with the description on the top left of your screen, from the full sized image you see arrows left and right to click through to the next photo.