As we had no hot water in the unit, M had a cold shower and I had a warm “bird bath”. We had our breakfast and set off to have a look at a motel we had seen online that is much closer to the family’s house.

We found the motel and saw that the cleaners were busy cleaning, so we asked if we could have a quick look at some rooms. They were happy to oblige and we were more than happy with the rooms. The motel looks like it has not long ago had a refurbishment and the rooms are bright, clean and spacious. We will certainly be booking in here the next time we are down.

After the motel viewing we went around to the family to see what the plan was for the day. It was decided that we would take the boys to a skate park they had not been to and then go to the Swansea RSL for lunch.

The boys had lots of fun at the skate park on their scooters and bikes, and it was lovely sitting in the sun chatting. After the boys had burnt off some energy, we drove a short way to the RSL.

The club itself was the usual type of club with a delicious menu. What set it apart was the lovely views over the lake.

We all had nice lunches and then decided to go for a drive around the beaches through Newcastle itself and then home.

We arranged to meet up again in the morning so we could have hot showers before we headed north to Glen Innes.

After such a big lunch, we did not need dinner. We repacked our bags with what we needed for the next couple of days, watched some TV and went to bed.