The family arrived at our apartment around 5:00pm. As we expected the boys are growing so fast. We had a lovely time at “Nana’s New Holiday House”

The boys were very surprised that the Easter Bunny had been early and left some presents here. The decision was made that he had dropped them off here early because they were not chocolate eggs, and he would have been too busy and not had room in his basket on Saturday. 😀😀

After dinner we chatted for a while until the kids got tired and it was time to take them home.

We had a comfortable nights sleep, and after breakfast we headed over to the family’s new home here in Newcastle. They have been in their new house for a couple of months now and have settled in well. The house is set on a hillside and is gorgeous, with lovely views over a green leafy suburb. They have natural bushland behind them which adds to the charm.

The boys were so excited to show us their rooms and the pool.

For lunch we headed to a lovely big local park for fish and chips, a kick of the footy and playing on the equipment. The council have done a great job with this park.

After lunch it was time to go to BMX. It has been a long time since I have been to BMX. Not since their dad was not too much older than T.

T made sure we knew exactly which outfit he was wearing so we would know which rider was him. I told him all we had to do was look at the front rider. 😀😀. He replied with “Not always”. but it mostly was, with T winning 3 out of 4 of his races, only narrowly coming second to another rider..


Leading the pack right to the finish.


Little H does so well. He is only 3 and cannot make it all the way around the track yet, and Dad has to run around after him to give him a bit of a push over some of the hills, but he loves it so much and comes back off the track with a HUGE grin on his face


🙂 Poor Dad has just as much exercise as Little H
Little H nearly “did a Bradbury” when some of the others had a crash.


While we were at BMX, I got a text message from the hotel saying that they had bad news. The hot water system for the resort had broken down d we would no longer have hot water and it was unlikely to be fixed for the duration of our stay. We were offered the option of staying and receiving compensation or they could help find alternative accommodation. We decided that the chances of getting alternative accommodation at this late date would be pretty unlikely, so we chose to stay. We will have a “bird bath” on Sunday morning and stop off at the family for a hot shower before we hit the road on Monday.

Back at home after a big day in the sun, we had dinner and were in bed fairly early looking forward to another day of fun tomorrow.