This holiday is a continuation of our Christmas Roadtrip. You can read that trip here 🙂

We arrived and checked in yesterday and had a nice night relaxing., while we did a load of washing and dried in in the tumble dryer.

We slept in until around 7:30. After we had showers and a cup of tea, we went downstairs for our included full breakfast. The breakfast here is a buffet of cold meats, cheese, fruit, pastries, cereals, bread choices for toast, juices and hot drinks. As well as that, we get a choice of a hot breakfast from the menu as well.

After breakfast we, went back to the room, tidied up and went down to the bus stop and across to the Myer Centre to have a browse through some shops to fill in time before lunch. We are not really shoppers, so we headed toward the Treasury Casino to have a look and then get a City Cat Ferry up to Eagle Street where we wanted to have lunch.

We were standing at the traffic lights waiting to cross the road when we noticed a “City Loop” Bus. It said it was a free loop bus, so we thought we would take a ride. It was a pleasant loop around the city in air-conditioned comfort. Off the bus back at where we started, we had a look around the casino.

We headed to the ferry stop where there was a free “City Hopper” ferry waiting. We laughed that it seemed we were having trouble spending money today ” 🙂

We got off the ferry at Eagle Street and made our way to Massimo for lunch

The last time we were in Brisbane we had seen this restaurant and wanted to go on this trip. This is the view from our table.

After lunch we hopped on a city cat going downstream, so we thought we would go for a ride. We always enjoy travelling on the City Cat. There was a cruise ship docked at the Hamilton Terminal. It is always a sight to see these floating cities.

Back to Southbank and up to the room to cool down a bit. We planned on going out for dessert later on.

Next to the Mantra is San Churro and we had decided that was dessert.

Churros with Milk and Dark Chocolate and Chocolate Cake later and we went back to the room to “collapse”

A good first day.

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