Today is an exciting day. We may hear that the sale of the land is unconditional, we are viewing the house we hope to buy and all being well signing a new contract for sale.

We met the agents at the new house at 10:00. The house is as good as we thought it would be. The views are much the same as our original block and the house is actually quite similar to what we were planning on building.

The agents were more than happy to allow us to spend as much time as we wanted. I took lots of photos, measured rooms and marked features on the floor plan. We have already had a building inspection done and were told of a couple of very minor problems that we looked at and are satisfied that they are indeed…minor.

We still had not heard whether or not the land has gone unconditional, so we cannot update the purchase contract quite yet.

We returned to the hotel and made some lunch. Just after lunch we got the frustrating news that the buyer needs a 7 day extension for their bank to complete approval 🙁

… and so we wait …

The rest of the afternoon we spent looking around at some other properties I had seen online, but none come up nearly as perfect as the one we have decided on.

So for now we just have to wait.