Today was just a travel day. As mentioned, I had thought that today would be a bit of a horror trip travelling down busy highways in and out of Sydney as well as Sydney traffic itself.

As it turned out it was not too bad. I must admit it was great to have the navigation in the car that told me what lane to be in at the right time. The traffic was travelling well and because of the holiday “double demerit points” nobody was speeding and all in all, it was a comfortable trip.

We arrived at our AirBnB just after midday. We met our host who said he was not quite ready for us. No problem, we would go and have some lunch first.

We had lunch at the Headlands Tavern, where we have been a few times before and know we always get a nice meal.

After lunch, we found Woolworths and topped up the “pantry” again and arranged groceries for lasagne for dinner tonight with my son, his wife and the grandsons

Later in the afternoon, the family came to visit. It was great to see everybody and have lots of cuddles with the grandsons. Our two little boys are now 3 and 6months and it always a joy to see them.

We had a lovely few hours and arranged to meet them at their house tomorrow for Christmas Day.