We got up this morning to hear the quacking of ducks at our front door 🙂 A couple of crusts were made into “duck breakfast”

We had decided to do something a little different today and do a half day winery tour… By Horse and Carriage !!!

I made the booking online and was told that we had courtesy transport and we needed to be out the front of the resort at 10:15am.

I “assumed” that a transfer meant a shuttle bus…but NO, at 10:15 we heard the clip clip of horses hoofs and the jingle of the harnesses.

We spent the next 4 hours meandering through various vineyards and stopped at a number of them for tastings before arriving at the Blaxland Inn for lunch. After lunch, we were returned to our resort.

We got back to the room only to be greeted by our friendly ducks waiting for us at the door to our room)

It was a most enjoyable day. We spent the afternoon relaxing in the room. I am planning an early start again tomorrow as I am expecting reasonably heavy traffic on both the highway into Sydney and then again from Sydney south to Wollongong. Although Google Maps tells me the journey is only 217kms, I am expecting the trip to take 4 hours or more.