I semi packed our bags last night ready to have the last bits and pieces packed.

We used up the last of our bacon, eggs and milk for breakfast, had our showers and packed away everything and we checked out just after 9:30am.

As our flight to Adelaide does not leave until 4:40pm, the plan today is to go back to the Newcastle foreshore and ride the tram and the ferry to Stockton, have a decent lunch and then head to the airport.

We parked the car in the foreshore carpark I had found when we came in on Christmas Day and bought a parking ticket for the allowed 4hours.  The Light Rail stop was across the road and we had a tram pull up as soon as we arrived.  They run backwards and forwards over the 6 stops every 8 minutes.  We rode  the length of the track and got off where we started.  This was Queens Wharf and is also the closest stop to the ferry over the river to Stockton.  We just went for the ride and did not get off at Stockton, but it is always nice getting out on the water.

We did manage to have a chat to the deck hand guy and we asked him about the tugs and big ships.  Where we come from , the Mooloolaba Port Authority has a pilot service that helps the big ships into the Port of Brisbane.  Here in Newcastle the pilot goes a few kilometers offshore in a helicopter and is dropped onto the ships to bring them in.  I found this video showing a Newcastle Pilot landing on a ship.  https://youtu.be/rz0q4DUTY6w

Back on dry land, we went to the Queens Wharf Hotel and discovered we were too early for lunch.  We decided to go for a short walk up the road to the old Newcastle Station. This area has been redeveloped into a nice family friendly area.

Back to the pub and we ordered our meals, Flash Fried Squid salad for Mick and Lamb Cutlets for me. They were both very nice.

After lunch we walked back to the car and as we were leaving the carpark, I noticed a man reading how to pay for parking. I stopped and opened the window and asked him if he wanted the remainder of our parking ticket. It had just over an hour left on it, and all he had to do was put it on his dash to have free parking. He was very appreciative. I have done my randon act of kindness for the day 🙂

From the carpark we drove along the waterfront and on to the airport. We were too early to check in so we had to wait in the airport before being allowed into the departures lounge.

Finally, we were boarded onto our flight and heading to Adelaide. As we were not arriving into Adelaide until 6:30pm, we had decided to get a taxi to the Mantra Hindmarsh Square that is to be our base for the next 9 days.

By the time we landed, got our bags, found a taxi and made the drive to the city and checked in, it was just after 8:00pm.
The restaurant in the hotel closed at 8:00pm, so we took a short walk to Rundle Mall and hot KFC for dinner.

It was not long and we were in bed ready for the next part of our holiday.