We both slept really well, sleeping in until 6:00am.  Our room comes with a full buffet breakfast included so we wandered down to the restaurant at 7:00 and enjoyed bacon, sausages and eggs.

The chef was very friendly and asked us where we were from and how long we were here for.  As the plan today was to visit the Adelaide Central Market to buy something nice for dinner, I asked him what his favourite stalls were at the market.  He mentioned a good butcher and baker and said any of the green grocers were good.

After breakfast, we walked around the corner to the bus stop to the Market.  The market was very busy, but were able to see everything.  There were not many tables free anywhere, so we decided not to get anything to eat or drink.

After doing a full lap of the market and knowing what we wanted for dinner, we caught a free city loop bus that took us for a tip around Adelaide.  The loop takes around an hour.

We completed the loop back at the markets and went back in and found a cafe we have seen and had lunch.  Mick had a pumpkin and tomato quiche and I had a morrocan chicken baguette.  Both were served warm and were very yummy.

Then we bought some veges, a loaf of lovely rye sourdough bread and the most amazing piece of dry aged ribeye steak and some Maggie Beer mushroom sauce/gravy. Our entire shop cost just under $50

It was a short bus trip back to the hotel.  We put a load of washing on in the guest laundry and settled in for the night.

I was going to use butter to cook our steak in but when I looked at it and we realised that we would have to cut it off the bone to fit it in the pan, I decided to cut a piece of fat off it and rendered it s-l-o-w-l-y.  I got about a tablespoon of lovely oil to cook the steak in.    

We enjoyed our dinner and had a quiet night watching TV.  Tomorrow we collect a hire car and do some further out exploring.