Today we had the return 600 odd kilometer journey back to the Sunshine Coast and home.

We packed the car with the majority of our luggage last night so only had a small bag to go this morning. After showers and a cuppa, we thought we would get pastries at Baked on 44 again.

Then we topped up the fuel tank and drove through Rockhampton and onto the A1 heading south.

We had a bathroom break at Bororen before travelling onto Miriamvale for morning tea/brunch at the โ€œBig Crabโ€. M almost got a crab pie but was a little dubious of how fresh (or not) the crab might be and decided not to risk it. He finally settled on a Corned Beef and White Sauce and I had the bacon and egg pie. Back on the road, we drove further south to Childers for sandwiches at the bakery. We got home around 3:30, unpacked our bags, put a load of washing on and had a light dinner.

Tomorrow is back to work and start dreaming of when we might be able to go away again.