On many trips to Hobart we have looked at real estate with the eventual plan of retirement.

The Hobart area does not have a lot of flat land (certainly very little with views) so deciding on areas has been interesting.

On one trip I saw an ad for “Derwent Shores” estate on the eastern shore. We went for a drive and saw that although the land was hilly, it was not a steep as many of the other estates we had looked at. The position of the estate means that the views are spectacular. Looking over the Derwent River toward Hobart city itself. We quickly decided that THIS was the place we wanted to be.

On contacting David from Derwent Shores, I was told that there were no blocks available 🙁 but he would put us on the list for the next stage of development.

FINALLY in February of 2020 I received an email announcing that the Clarence City Council had approved the next subdivision and that the land should be passed through the Titles office later in the year.

Well…COVID 🙁 as the world ground to a halt in 2020, so did the work on the subdivision. We were unable to go and see the land and it was just a case of waiting.

In December of 2020 the developer was given final approval of the subdivision and we were able to place a contract on a block. While still being unable to travel to Hobart for viewing, we were confident enough in the area to feel comfortable in signing a contract.

The contract was subject to the land passing through the Titles Office, which the developer was told should be a matter of weeks.

Weeks turned into months and the Titles were finally issued in mid October 2021. It had been nearly 11months and by the time we settle in January 2022, this part of the journey has been nearly 2 years coming.

In this section of the blog , I will document the process of our upcoming house build…

Stay Tuned 🙂