Every Sunday, Hobart has a Farmers Market in the CBD.  We decided to get the bus to the city and have a look around.  

It was a quick 20 minute trip on the bus from the Shoreline shops to the Elizabeth St Mall in the centre of town.

The farmers market is good but did have limited stalls thanks to CoVid and also a number of stall holders had taken the Christmas break as a holiday.

We bought some lovely “melty” cheese from a farmer to make ham and cheese toasties for our dinner.

From the market, we walked down to the waterfront.  Even here CoVid restrictions had changed things, with the winning yacht of the Sydney-Hobart being parked away from the main wharf.  Ordinarily, the public is able to chat with the sailors from the wharf side.

Wandering along the marina, I noticed something you don’t see in every marina…A PLANE!!

We decided on a fisherman’s basket from the famous Mure’s seafood restaurant.  

After lunch, we walked to the corner of Argyle and Davey St to prove unequivocally that I AM silly 🙂

For some time I have been looking at the Tas Traffic cameras and I really wanted to “be on camera” 🙂

The cameras refresh every 30 seconds or so, hence I did not have to wait long before I could see us on the camera.

The resolution is low, so you will have to take my word for it that the blobs in the circles are us  🙂

We caught the bus back to the Eastern Shore.  We decided to get off the bus at Eastland Shopping centre ta have a look around.  Eastlands is Tasmania’s largest shopping centre and has two floors of shops.

One level has Coles and Kmart and the upper floor has Woolworths and BigW as well as many specialty stores.

Back on the bus we returned to Shoreline and had a cuppa before having a quote afternoon and then making our toasties for dinner.