New Years Eve 2021.  We hope that this year will be the last of the pandemic and we can get back to a “normal” life (whatever that means)

I do wonder if we will ever have a “pre CoVid” normal.  When considering how other major events like 9/11 etc have changed our “normal” 
I think we will see masks on planes for a long time into the future and the need for testing for some time as well.

Today we had a light day planned.  I wanted to see were a couple of businesses were located so it would be easier to find them once they were open and there would me more traffic on the roads.

We also needed to extend the hire car drop off time as our return flights had been pushed forward from the original times when I booked the car.  I thought it would be FAR easier to go to the Hertz office Hobart itself than trying to get to the airport branch.  I was correct 🙂  It proved no issue to change the drop off time from 9:00am tp 12:00pm on the same day and there was no charge for this change.

While we were in the city we took the advantage of not much traffic to call into Hobart BMW for a look… Let’s just say Coastline BMW is MUCH larger 🙂  The young sales guy we spoke to was very friendly and welcoming but the dealership has no where near the amount of vehicles as Coastline.

We went back to the land to see some of the Sydney-Hobart yachts, but I missed a bunch of them by about 30 minutes and, while we could see a couple further in toward Hobart, there were none out the front of “our place”

We picked up a hot chook for sandwiches and after a late lunch, had a quiet afternoon and got a picnic ready to have on our land later this evening to see the 9:30pm fireworks.

It  was a lovely clear night for a perfect view of the fireworks.  There were a number of cars taking advantage of the view.  Although the fireworks were scheduled for 9:30pm it was still quite light. 

We laid our towels out on the bottom of our block and again wondered at the view.  In these photos you can see the city as well as the Tasman Bridge lit up on the right. Even though we are not drinking, I spoilt myself with one little glass of bubbles 🙂

Happy New Year

I really wanted to watch the show and not just through the screen of my phone, so I only took a short video. 

Hobart Council, however live-streamed the event here

After the fireworks, we went back to the room, had a cuppa and off to bed.  We thought we might have had a bit of noise, as the Hotel was having a NYE party, but neither of us heard anything.  (I think we must be getting old 🙂  )

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all our friends and family.