Today M&C are to visit us today from Wollongong

First up though is breakfast :). We found a nice cafe yesterday called Hedgehogs. We are having poached eggs on toast and pancakes with maple syrup
(can you guess who is having what ?)

Then we waited for the shops to open as I had seen a lovely cable knot throw rug that I wanted.
I had seen these type of throws in decorator magazines and had admired them, but had never actually seen or felt one. Oh my!!! It is so soft and cozy, I just had to have it 🙂 Lucky we have brought the big suitcase with us to fit all the shopping in to get home 🙂

We had a lovely lunch with M&C and then some more shopping. We had lunch at one of the pubs in the village. Just for something different, we chose the Alpaca burger. It was a nice meat that was quite similar to lamb.

After our guests left, we again went into the village for a lovely steak and salad dinner and then back to the cottage for a quiet night.