Part 2 of yesterdays post…
We had an uneventful flight from Brisbane although we were pushed back by 40 minutes as our incoming flight from Mackay was delayed, and in turn our flight would be late.

As I mentioned in the previous post, we spent the extra wait time in the Virgin lounge, so it was not a hardship 🙂
The plane we were on was painted up in special livery to celebebrate the 100th anniversary of the first flight between England and Australia in 1919. I found this article all about it..

Once we arrived, we collected our suitcases and our hire car and made the short drive to the motel.  
After we checked in and dropped off our bags, we went to catch up with the family and get “boy cuddles”

The plan for the afternoon was to do our “Santa Shopping” and C was taking the boys out and away from peeking while M finalised some “Santa construction”

The shopping centre is around the corner from the fmily’s house, and we changed our plans slightly and decided we would just do our grocery shopping and then do the Big W shopping in the morning.

As the motel does not have a full kitchen, I devised a quick and easy dinner of BBQ chicken and a pack on microwave fried rice and a satchet of honey mustard sauce.  All I did was shred up a good handful of hot chook and microwaved the rice and sauce and mixed it all together in a bowl each.  it was actually very nice 🙂

Dinner done and cleaned up, it was time for a bit ov TV and an early night.  It had been a long day 🙂

Saturday 23rd December 2023

Of course we woke up early with NSW being on daylight saving time, it is an hour ahead.  We had our showers and breakfast and headed back to the shops and Big W.   We had done a look aroound at Big W at home so we knew roughly what we were buying, but we had decided it was much easier to shop down here than cart presents in our luggage.

I had bought a Big W gift card before we left as I get them at a discount and I knew we had a 10% off our shop as well and I determined to spend it all :).  We got to the checkout and the young girl could not get the gift card to work at all :(.  She did really try so hard.  She scanned it multiple times.  I closed and reoped the app to reload the barcode,  she unpluged the scanner so it rebooted, and even tried entering the number in manually.  it just would not work :(.   She finally manged to grab a supervisor and explained that it would not work.  Well…he tried scanning it and of course, it worked first time 🙂

We loaded all the gifts into the car and went back to the motel to wrap them all, before going back to the family to deliver them and help the boys put them all under the Christmas tree.

We had a lovely day of just “being’ with the family before heading back to the motel for another easy dinner of bbq chook and carbonara pasta, again done in the microwave.

We are having our big Christamas lunch/Dinner tomorrow as the family are going to leave for a few days at C’s family a couple of hours south on Christmas Day afternoon.