Christmas !!

After a very busy year it is going to be a well deserved break this year.  We are off to Newcastle for a few days to see the family, then on to Adelaide for 9 days.

Part 1:

Our flight leaves at 9:10 from Brisbane, so we set the alarm early, had a light breakfast and a cuppa and headed south.

The traffic was much lighter than I expected an we got to the airport with loads of time to spare.  I checked the departures board only to find our plane has been delayed and it now not departing until 10:20.

We decided to use our lounge pass to wait and have some more breakfast/morning tea and avoid the noise and general “busy-ness” of the airport.

Our plan today is to check in to the motel, do some grocery shopping for essentials, and finish off the Christmas shopping for the boys.  Lake Macquarie Square is a decent sized shopping centre not far from the motel and the family.

M & C are busy this evening getting last minute presents sorted for Christmas, so we have arranged for a quick visit this afternoon and we will catch up more tomorrow.