Pompeii …
After a good breakfast, quite a few of us went to the pool deck to take photos of Sorrento with Mt Vesuvius in the background

We boarded the coach at 8:00 and made the short 30min drive to Pompeii 

The ruins of Pompeii were fascinating. To think we were walking on streets 2000 years old. It really is amazing how much has survived. The frescos on the walls and the pottery were just incredible.

Pompeii was a wealthy port town that always had a lot of visitors so there is a lot of letters and pictures from travelers as to what Pompeii was like before the eruption in 79ad

Leaving Pompeii we travelled back north to Florence on the same motorway we took when we left Rome. A quiet day on the coach today. It is good to just take on the scenery.

We arrived at our hotel in Florence at around 6:00. We had been warned that the hotel restaurant buffet was not open until 8:00. I had a lovely loooong shower and a nice nap and then had a superb Italian buffet. This hotel’s restaurant is a “local hotspot” and was very busy with locals , which says something about the quality of the food 🙂 we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves knowing we have late start tomorrow.

(I have added the pictured of my Vatican medal to this post as I realised I forgot to do it yesterday )