Another glorious day in the beautiful Venice. 🙂 we have a strange phenomenon today… There is a big shiny ball in the sky that has turned the sky blue instead of grey …. yay we have SUNSHINE 🙂

8:30 on the coach and then boat back to the island. The boat took us to the island of Murano where we saw a demonstration of the famous glass blowers.

Then we were back to St Mark’s square for our 3.5 hours of free time.

I explored the streets and lane ways of Venice. For lunch I found a cute bakery and bought an olive ciabatta roll and a few shops along was a deli, so bought 100 grams of the most perfect mortadella  What a beautiful lunch, sitting near the Rialto bridge just ” people watching”. After my sandwich I headed off to find my “compulsory gelato “. I found a gelateria that had berry panacotta.

Wandering back to St. Mark’s square, I got to our meeting point early so had an Aperol Spritz and just took on the view of the canal. Yes… It is a tough life 🙂

We were then taken on a lagoon tour to see where the Venetian people actually live. In the lagoon are a number of small islands, some have schools, some have hospitals, some have just homes etc. So really just like our suburbs. Of course every home has a boat.

We stopped off on Burano the houses here are very colourful and the whole town was just lovely. We had an early dinner here and were back at the hotel by around 7:00. We were all ready for an early night as we have a 6:30 start tomorrow.

We are off to Rome