Woke up to 2ºc this morning.

We discovered how deeply Mick slept as, when he got out of bed, he found our dozen eggs!! There were none broken, not even the box was squashed. We have been putting our eggs tucked up under the doona to stop them from sliding around and getting broken. (They won’t fit in the fridge.)

I got ready to have my shower and headed up to the shower block, and encountered Electronically Timed Showers!!! www.showertimer.com   You had to get ready and then press the button to get 7 minutes of water. The box beeped each minute and then gave a countdown for the last 100 seconds. When it shut the water off, it counted down 60 seconds before it would reactivate the water. Where was this product when the kids were living at home!!! 7 minutes was more than enough time to have a good shower, including washing my hair. 

We hit the road and headed into Hobart on the way to Huonville and the Tahune Airwalk. We stopped at Franklin and toured the Wooden Boat School. The students here are taught the skills of how to build wooden boats and earn a fully accredited Diploma of Wooden Boat Building. Once completed, the students are employed by shipyards around Australia as specialised craftsmen. Many of them specialise in quality boats that are fitted out in high quality timbers.

Further south we reached the town of Geeveston and the Forestry Centre. You could spend a lot more time here than we had. The centre chronicles the past and future forestry industry in Tasmania, and how the forestry department uses the timber and the products produced from it.

We purchased our tickets for the Tahune Airwalk and travelled the 27kms through the southern forest to reach it. The Tahune Airwalk (www.forestrytas.com.au) is a great walk that is high up in the forest canopy.  The airwalk itself is 620m long and is a high sided metal walkway. It is accessed via an easy track and 112 steps. 

On the way to Tahune Airwalk, we stopped off at “The Big Tree”. This is one of the tallest trees in Australia.  At 87 meters tall it was a most impressive sight. 

After Tahune we headed back to the town of Geeveston and Huonville and travelled down the east side of the Huon River to Cygnet and around to Snug on the east coast.  The coastline here was very pretty, with lots of little coves and streams. We came to the little town of Snug at about 4:00pm and set up for the night.

Temps:  Barilla  –  2ºc at 7:30pm

Weather:  Warm and sunny until about 3:00pm then lightly overcast.

Travel: Barilla to Huonville – 51kms

             Huonville to Geeveston – 22kms

             Geeveston to Tahune Airwalk – 27kms

             Back to Huonville

             Huonville to Snug via  Gordon – 42kms