Slept in this morning. (Probably due to a big day yesterday??) We had breakfast and headed into Sorell to look for a Woolworths, did the shopping and headed off for the 68km drive to Port Arthur.

We drove through more SHEEP!!! Arrived at Port Arthur at about 11:00am and paid our $24 admission fee. This included entry to the site as well as a very good information display, a guided walking tour, and a harbour cruise.

We both enjoyed the Port Arthur tour. There are so many interesting stories from convicts and free settlers alike, and the Port Arthur Conservation Fund has done a fabulous job of preserving this part of our history. (The 1996 massacre has been handled with due respect, without making a show of it.)

After Port Arthur, we headed back in the direction of Hobart. We stopped at Dunalley Hotel (for provisions!!) Dunalley is the site of Dunalley Canal built in 1905 and it is a beautiful example of a large hotel establishment of its time.

We had chosen to stay at Barilla caravan park for the night. We headed toward Hobart and had to cross Pitt Water. This is crossed by two very long bridges joined in the middle by a speck of land appropriately named “Midway”

We arrived at our caravan park at about 4:30pm and set up for the night.

Temps: Seven Mile Beach – 15ºc at 8:45am

             Barilla – 8ºc at 10:00pm

            (thought it was supposed to be cold!!)

Weather:  Warm and sunny all day.

Travel: Seven Mile Beach to Sorell – 20kms

             Sorell to Port Arthur – 68kms

             Port Arthur to Barilla – 94kms