Today, young T is having his birthday party.  It is not his birthday until later this week, but his Mum and Dad have planned a trip to Sydney to take the boys to monster trucks as a surprise.

Today’s party is being held at Parrey’s Indoor Skate Park.   He is having 10 of his friends for a 3hour fun time scootering.

It was amazing seeing how high the boys jump.  I joked to one of the Dad’s that at parents, they had forgotten to breed in fear😂😂. He laughed and agreed with me.

After the party, we had a bit of down time in the afternoon and then met the family at a local park for a picnic dinner.

Back at the motel, we organised and packed our suitcases ready for departure in the morning.

We will drop of leftover bread, milk and butter off at the family as we say our goodbyes and head to the airport for a midday flight