Started the day with a breakfast of bacon and eggs cooked in the apartment

I organized what train I needed to get to the first point of my day sightseeing – Big Ben 

 Checking the weather app on my phone I was happy to see it was 4 degrees at 8:00am. So jeans, boots, scarf and gloves on, I headed out. 

 A quick train journey and I emerged from the Westminster Underground station right at the base of Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the Westminster bridge. 

A short walk away is Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms. The guided audio tour is very informative.

Returning back towards Big Ben, I headed to the Westminster Pier to do a Thames river cruise that took me past a number of sights before stopping at the Tower of London.

 The captain on the boat had a humorous commentary as we travelled up the river. One funny story involves the building of the former OXO gravy/stock cube company.  None of the commercial buildings along the river were allowed any advertising. The planners of the building applied for some round windows and some square windows.  Consequently the placement of these windows happen to spell the name of the company 🙂 

 The Tower of London was a fascinating look into the sometimes dark past of London. There was an audio tour that guided me along the exhibitions.

After the Tower of London tour, I headed back to the River Cruise for the return back to Westminster and home.   

Ben Ben chiming “nine”