After a busy day yesterday, we slept very well in a lovely comfortable bed.

Given the lack of food yesterday, we thought we would use up the rest of the ham and make some sandwiches to take with us today just in case needed them tonight.

Our plan was to ask the driver today what time we would be getting back to Penneshaw tonight and to ring Fire and Smoke when they open at 4:30 and order a pizza to be ready for us as soon as we arrived.

We had breakfast included and were not sure what to expect as the restaurant in the hotel was not open for dinner over the break.

We were very pleasantly surprised as we were given a menu to choose from.  I had smashed avocado and poached eggs and Mick had the “big breakfast”.

Our bus arrived on time and we were told by our driver, Kevin, that were due back at 6:00- 6:30pm this evening.

Our first stop today was Raptor Domain for a free flight bird presentation.  We had not been to one of these in a while and it always amazing the size of the big wedge tailed eagles.  As always, the information from the keepers was fascinating.  We were shown a barn owl and told that they can hear mouse rustling in the grass at 3kms away and can hear its heartbeat from 3 meters.  They can also see light in the UV spectrum so warm blooded animals show up in the dark brightly.

From here we went to the Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Distillery for a tour and lunch.(Chicken salad and cake again)

The KI mallee eucalyptus bushes are very high in oil content and completely regenerate in just 2 years after they harvest them down to a mere stump for processing.

The fact that these trees are so full of oil and are so prolific on KI is what caused such severe fires, as the tress literally blew up, spreading the fire quickly.

Next stop was Clifford’s Honey farm where they have a type of Italian bee that is now the only one of its kind in the world, for a tour and tasting.

Our final stop was a wine tasting at False Cape Wines.  I tasted a few and they were very nice.  While we were here, Mick rang the pizza place and was assured that it was not a problem to have a pizza ready for us when we got back..

We arrived back to Penneshaw and sure enough our pizza was just about ready.  I think they must have had it ready to throw in the oven as soon as they saw the bus arrive.

We sat in the park opposite the shop and ate it overlooking the passage.  Soon enough we were back on the bus and taken down the hill to the ferry terminal and given our boarding passes.  We had a short wait for the ferry to board, but soon enough we were on our way back to Cape Jervis.

Another coach was waiting for us at the other side and we made the trip back to Adelaide.  We had a number of people to drop off and we finally made it back to the Mantra at 11:00pm.

We did not even have a cup of tea, just fell into bed tired but happy.