Left Wynyard at 8:00am and drove to Lacrum Dairy at Mella via Smithton. The Lacrum dairy advertised Cheese tasting and dairy, unfortunately, they are not open from May until November  :(.

Back the 5kms to Smithton and we looked around. Smithton is a big town with a large industry base. We saw 3 or 4 large timber mills and a McCain’s food processing plant. We think they may be processing Tasmanian potatoes into chips. Further east to Stanley and we went up “The Nut” This is the main feature of this cute little town. It has a very steep pathway to the top of the Nut or there is a chairlift. (We took the chairlift- $9.00 each) The chairlift ride was a bit scary for both of us “scared of heights” people but we got through it ok!! We got a great panoramic view from the 35minute easy walk around the summit of the Nut.

Back to ground level and we hunted for the bakery for the first of our scallop pies.

We asked at a shop and were directed to the shop that sold the pies and off we went. Bought our curried scallop pie and took it down to the harbour to eat!!!  YUM YUM!! There WILL be more scallop pies consumed!!

After lunch, we headed further east along the Bass Highway, back through Wynyard and on to Burnie.  Burnie is a major city with lots of shops and industry. It also has the Lactos cheese factory and tasting shop. YUM again!!! I tasted almost every variety of their cheese, except blue. 

Further east we came to the quaint little town of Penguin, so named because of the fairy penguins that come ashore here. There is a large Penguin statue in the main street, and even the rubbish bins are decorated with penguins.

East again and the next town was Ulverstone and then the seaside town of Turners Beach.  We booked into the Beachside Caravan Park at about 4:00pm. We took our clothes to the laundry and, of course, got our first real rain of the trip!! Did a couple of trips to the laundry in the rain to reload the dryer with coins before running out of patience and coins (in that order!!)

We brought our nearly dry clothes back to the van and hung a clothesline across the dinette and turned on the heater. Had dinner and had an early night.

Temps: Wynyard – 12ºC  7:30am

             Turners Beach – 16ºc  4:30pm

Weather: Fine all day. Light breeze in Stanley, but not cold

                Rain in Turners Beach for the 1 hour we wanted to wash the clothes.

Travel: Wynyard to Smithton –  77kms

            Smithton to Stanley –  19kms

            Stanley to Burnie – 79kms

            Burnie to Penguin – 16kms

            Penguin to Turners Beach – 16kms