We both slept very well last night.  After breakfast, we decided to drive back to the land and have another look at the view with the sun behind us. ( much easier to take photos 🙂 )   I walked up to the top of the block and shot the video and photos here. 

Again, we were amazed at the gorgeous views and we definitely know we have chosen the right block.

Driving around the area, we found the Howrah Nursery & Garden Centre.  The man in the centre was very friendly and we know he will be a wealth of knowledge and help when the time comes.  He has a brilliant service, where he will come to the property, help with landscape design and plant planning.  Often these types of services are very “Here is what we can sell you” but not this guy.  He sells plants, but does not sell soil or actually do the landscaping, he can recommend people to help.  We were both impressed with the service.

After the garden centre, we drove to the Bellrieve waterfront to see where the Derwent Ferry leaves from.  I had read that there is not a lot of parking spaces for the ferry, but the bus stops at the wharf, so we will do that sometime over the holiday – the bus interchange is also at the Shoreline Shops.

Looking around the ferry area I noticed a sign on the liking track that denoted the track part of the “Charles Darwin Trail” It turns out that Charles Darwin visited this area in 1836 and had a leisurely walk on his day on the Eastern Shore. You can read more here.

Driving around, I saw a sign that said “Fish Bar” we thought fish and chips sounded nice for lunch, so we went exploring.  

The Fish Bar turned out to be a busy shop on the beach at Bellerive beside the sports arena.  We found a car park, ordered a fisherman’s basket, found a seat under a lovely shady tree and enjoyed our lunch looking across to the hill where our land is and also across toward Hobart.

We had a quiet afternoon in the unit and packed a bag for a quick overnight stay up north in Launceston tomorrow