We started the day with a sightseeing tour on the coach, stopping a number of times for photos. We then picked up Patrick ( our guide from Versailles) and had a walking tour around the historic centre of the Latin Quarter.

While we were out and about, we stopped at a park with another great view of the Eiffel Tower. My good friend has always wanted to visit Paris, so I brought her along with me and “together” we had a picture with the tower 🙂

We ended our tour at the Arc de Triumph and the group then had the rest if the day free.

A number of us wanted to see the Louvre, so Bern took us by train and used her Trafalgar credentials to get us priority tickets. These were no more expensive than the regular tickets, but it meant we did not have to join the very long queues to gain entry.

Bern had told us to sit with our guidebook and work out what we wanted to see, as there is just far to much to just “wander”.

The optional experience tonight was the Moulin Rouge, which I had chosen not to attend, so I was on my own for the whole day:). Knowing it does not get dark until around 7:00 I planned to return to the Louvre at 4:00. I walked around Paris and just enjoyed “being in Paris”

Returning to the special Louvre entrance I went past very long lines so it was really good to have the tour ticket. The Louvre is huge, but I got to see the Mona Lisa, The Venus de Milo, a statue of the Egyptian God Rameses and much more.

Back on the metro, I got back to the hotel around 7:30, bought some dinner at the hotel bistro and watched some TV and had a quiet night.

London tomorrow then home 🙁