On the bus at 7:45 we made our way along the Promenade and bid farewell to Nice. The sun was riding over the bay as the view was just gorgeous.

We had a comfort stop at a small services that had a lovely surprise. There was whole model display of medieval Provence village life. Bern had not been here before, but she will report to Trafalgar, so you can be sure this little stop will start getting more coaches.

We had a good couple of hours free time in Avignon. Famous for its bridge and the song “Sur le Pont d’Avignon” (onthe bridge of Avignon)

Avignon is a cute walled medieval village that is the sight of A Papal Palace. Long ago one elected Pope came from this area and decided to come back here rather than live in Rome. 7 Popes resided at the Palace before the Church decided that the papal palace should forever be at the sight of St Peters in Rome.

I had a wander around the town and had a delicious lunch of a toasted baguette with chicken, Brie, cheese & tomato.

From Avignon we continued on to our overnight stop in Lyon. A quiet dinner at the hotel an we are ready for PARIS in the morning 🙂