Another early morning (6:45 bags and breakfast) then off to Pisa.

The leaning tower was built as the bell tower for the church in the “Square of Miracles” in 1134  The builder had decided to show off and built the tower with shallow foundations. Obviously it did not work and the towers design was altered to be only half the height of the original design. While the tower is still moving, it sways by 1-2mm every year. There have been many attempts to halt the lean but nothing of any great success.

You will happy to see I have bowed to pressure to have a “selfie” and have done the obligatory “holding up the tower” shot 🙂

Next stop is Monaco.
The motorway to Monaco winds its way along the coast. There were lots of huge greenhouses as this is the area where flowers are grown for the perfume industry.

We had a couple of hours in Monaco. Monaco is a pristine, clean tiny place. I saw the royal palace and the changing of the guard, then walked back along some lovely little streets back to the Cathedral where Princess Grace and Prince Rainier are buried. On one of the side streets I came across a real estate agent :). I have included two pictures of apartments for sale if anyone wins lotto 🙂

A quick hours drive down the motorway and we arrived at our hotel in Nice. We had a free night tonight so a group of us went out for a great meal and turned in for an early night.