Another cloudy, drizzly day today. 🙁

We got up and had a shower, then tried to make a cup of tea and found we had no power? The room lights were working but no power.

I spoke to one of the cleaning ladies, who said “Oh no! Is yours out too?” Apparently somebody in one of the other rooms had done something and had tripped a couple of the rooms. I was able to take the kettle to one of the other rooms and at least get a cup of tea. A light breakfast of a vegemite sandwich, and we thought we would go for a drive out to see the homemaker centre near the airport.

There is everything we will need here for our home.

Heading back to the hotel, we decided to hop on a bus and travel into Hobart. I had seen an interesting place on Facebook a while ago called “In the Hanging Garden”. It is a lovely place and we could see that it would be a great place to have a drink with a group of friends.

Another place I had seen was “Aura” this is Hobart’s first rooftop bar and restaurant. The view was certainly stunning, but sadly there is a building in the way of the view of “our place” 🙁

We enjoyed a pot of tea and caught the bus back to the hotel.

Checking with the staff at the hotel, we were told that the power should be fixed. Sadly though we found it was not :(. We went back to the cafe and told the manager lady, who apologised profusely and said she would ring the electrician back and we could have our dinner in the cafe at no charge.

The electrician arrived soon after and managed to fix whatever the problem was. I decided to do a load of washing in the guest laundry. This meant we would have no washing to do when we got home.

We enjoyed our meals and had a quiet night ready for our departure tomorrow.