Today we are off on our 4WD adventure with a full day tour called the Beauty Spots tour.

We went to the breakfast buffet for an early breakfast, as we have to meet the 4WD coach at 7:50 in the village square. We packed a small back pack with a change of clothes ( we wore our togs), beach towels and water bottles.

We met our guide Peter Meyer and we were off. Not long into the trip the bus decided it was too hot for the AC and it decided to just blow hot air at us 🙁 NOT GOOD!! Peter arranged to swap the bus over when we got to the eastern side of the island. We got to the eastern beach and Peter gave us the option of going 5 minutes up the beach with him, or to stay where we were and have a paddle in the ocean . We all decided that the water looked great. There were some nice little trees up on the dunes that provided some shade too. I lay my towel out under a tree and had a relax. We also had a paddle in the water up to about knee height. It was lovely and cool without being cold. It was not long, and Peter returned with a bigger 40 seater bus and we headed further up the beach to Eli Creek.

We had a nice morning tea and a good 40 minutes at Eli Creek. Eli Creek is a fresh water creek that runs at about walking speed from the middle of the island to the sea. We walked about 100m on a boardwalk and then down stairs into the FREEZING cold water. You could then float all the way to the sea. I didn’t get right in as it was too cold for me. So I just walked down the creek.

It was nice to have a hot cup of tea after the cold water.

Back on the bus and we traveled further up the beach to see the coloured sands and the wreck of the Maheno. 

Travelling south again we were given the option of a 15 min joy flight in a small plane that takes off and lands on the beach. Mick and I decided against that and stayed on the bus, although 6 of our group did the flight and said it was great views.  

Our lunch stop was at the Eurong Beach resort and was a full buffet lunch.. After lunch we traveled back through the forest and stopped for a walk through the forest on a boardwalk, while Peter explained the different plants of the forest. Back on the bus and on to a 90 mins stop at the most beautiful Lake Mackenzie. Lake Mackenzie is also fresh water and was crystal clear and beautifully warm. It was lovely just floating around.  

We had afternoon tea of tea, coffee and biscuits again and we were delivered back to the resort at 4:30pm.  

After a nice warm shower and we decided on an early dinner and watched some TV before turning in after a lovely day.