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Easter Egg Hunt

Hi Cass,

Rather than just giving Thomas and Henry presents for Easter,
I have done an “Egg Hunt”
( if you would be so kind to help facilitate it laughing)

I have done 6 eggs each…

I have marked each bag with a T and H.  They are roughly the same in each. 
In each egg I have put a little chick or bunny and a joke.

Each piece of paper has two lines..
The first part is a really bad Easter Kids Joke 🙂 then this message…
“Well Done ! You have found Egg Number (whatever number): Hop off to Mum to get your prize “

That is why I have separated the eggs as “T” and “H” each bag has eggs with prizes 1 to 6 in it

Here are the jokes 🙂
easter jokes

In the box that is coming, there are 6 bundles of gifts, all in bags marked 1-6. 
When the boys find an egg they get the prize 🙂

Each prize is the same for each, except for #6 which is PJ’s 🙂 so I have marked them “Thomas” or “Henry”

I hope this all makes sense 🙂

Happy Easter